Inthera’s pharmaceutical services encompass a wide range of essential functions, including clinical trial supply, where we ensure the seamless acquisition of medications for diverse clinical trials. Moreover, we address medicine shortages with efficiency, swiftly sourcing products within the EU to alleviate market shortages, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital medications.

With three decades of expertise in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, we specialize in guiding foreign manufacturers through the process of obtaining market authorization for their products within the Hungarian and EU market. Additionally, we offer EU GMP services, preparing non-EU pharmaceutical manufacturers for European Union manufacturing accreditation.

Clinical Trial Sourcing

Enhance your clinical trials with Inthera’s comprehensive clinical trial supply services! Our commitment to sourcing only the highest-quality EU-manufactured products ensures unparalleled reliability and efficacy for your clinical trials. Trust us for customized solutions, efficient and short supply chain management, and impeccable documentation to meet all your clinical trial needs.

Medicine Shortage Supply

Struggling with medicine shortages in the EU ? We've got you covered! With our expertise, extensive network, and commitment to compliance, we are able to swiftly procure essential pharmaceutical products, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital medications. Choose Inthera for reliable solutions tailored to your needs!

Regulatory Affairs

Compliance with pharmaceutical regulations is critical for manufacturers, highlighting the necessity for trust and confidence in outsourcing. With three decades of expertise in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, we’ve earned the trust of industry giants and stand ready to be your perfect match. From product registration to dossier assembly, our comprehensive services cover almost all fields of pharmaceutical regulations, ensuring compliance and excellence at every step. Experience peace of mind with Inthera’s unparalleled expertise in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs!

EU GMP services

Are you a representative of a pharmaceutical company based outside the European Union seeking to obtain EU GMP certification for your manufacturing facilities? Look no further! Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring seamless compliance with EU manufacturing standards.

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